Coupons and discounts.

Get coupons and specials discounts, these specials and discounts are for short time and specially for some areas, some specific floral arrangements.

If you have receive an special promo code or discount via your email or from different

business listing profiles (like Google or yelp, example) please use it following the same steps, just enter it when you are at the cart processing you will be ask if you have a promo code enter it exactly as you receive it those promo codes are special for customers or subscribers or for customers that find them in any of our public business profile listing or ads and for the specify time so if you want to receive special coupons or discounts please subscribe to our site.

Special 1: $5 dollars off on any floral arrangement of $45 dollars and up. How to use it?. Use promo code: 5off that you can use when you are placing your order online in the section : "Enter a promo code":

Special 2: Get 10% off on any order of $45 and up, use promo code: 10off.

Come back to this page to check updates on specials, coupons, discounts or promo codes.

or if you need additional help on how to apply this discounts or promo codes please contact us.