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Common questions and answers.

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Answers to the most common and popular questions.

Hope here I can answer your question if you can't find the answer to your question please ask trough the chat or our contact page.

1. Do you delivery the same day?.

Yes, we do, although this answer is on the homepage information, this is a confirmation!.

2. Can I order now and you delivery today or another day ?.

Yes, you can do that, place your order today and we will delivery any day you specify during our business hours.

3. Can you provide a picture of the arrangement before the delivery?

Yes we can provide a picture after you have place your order and before we send them, but you need to ask for this. Exception to text of pictures on any very busy day.

4. Can I order flowers for pick up at the store?

Yes you can do that place your order over the telephone or over this website for pick up at the store.

5. Do you delivery after 4 pm or afternoon?

Yes we do delivery after 4 pm and even later during our business hours just remember delivery takes time after you place your order the frame time is 4 hours.

Another thing to take into consideration order has to be for delivery in our delivery service area or we can refuse your order, information about delivery area here.

6. Can you give more info how to order over the website and other options to place an order?

The first option to place your order we recommend to use the website, a few steps, after you find the appropriate arrangement click on the picture and just follow the easy steps to continue to the checkout process.

And of course we can help you if you are not able to place your order over the website or over the telephone for any reason use the chat to send us your name and telephone number, Recipient name and his or her address, message you want on the card with your gift, his or her telephone number in case is really necessary to contact the recipient, and then lastly send us your email address to send you an invoice so you can make your payment or just provide a telephone number to call you. Is just about provide enough information for better communication!. Or just send us an email.

7. How can I use a coupon or discount on your website or store?

If you have a coupon or promo code just pay attention to the details sometimes together with that you will receive the instructions to use it and the time you have for that, when you have a promo code you can use it over the website entering it on the check out process it will say something like; "Enter a promo code" of course if is there some available at the moment, sometimes according the indications you can use it mentioning it over the telephone too, or showing it at the store.

Can I have a different color of roses or flowers in any arrangement or the flowers design I want and can I have change or substitute some flowers?

We can do your floral arrangement according your favorite or preferred color of course always if those colors are available.

And about substitution please pay attention, we will try to do your arrangement according your likes but is not possible to change some flowers for example with the difference in the price, because some flowers prices are much higher. We will do any possible substitution but you will need to pay the difference in price if is there any, Sometimes is even better to keep the arrangements the way they are designed in our website because they will not look same or nice when you change some flowers, please be flexible about those reasons.

Do you ship by hand or deliveries by hand?

Yes, we do the shipments ourselves by hand, directly to the address you provide.

How long do you take to delivery flowers after I place my order?

We delivery within 4 hours after we have your order, if we are not able to do it in this time we can take just a little longer.

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