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Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The flower is a reproductive structure in angiosperm that is usually observable, perceivable, attractive, flashy and prominently colorful that lacks wood and possesses petals, sepals, and either stamens and pistil.

12 roses in a vase, beautiful roses in a crystal vase.
12 beautiful roses in a crystal vase.

Ranging from anatomical arrangements, sizes, and colors they, exhibit decorously diverse combinations.

Matilija poppy (romneya coulteri)

Magnolia (magnolias fraseri)

Tulip (tulipa) etc.. Each flower which, are relatively large and showy and are as well produced singly.



Lilac etc.. Each flower of which is tiny and is borne in a distinctive cluster known as inflorescence.

Regardless of their varieties, they all possess unvarying function.


Commonly, there are four whorls of flower parts.

· An outer layer calyx: which consists of sepals.

· The corolla: which consists of petals.

· The androecium or group of stamens.

· The gynoecium: which consists of pistils.

A SEPAL is a part of the flower of angiosperms. It is usually green or leaf-like color. Its function is mostly to protect flowers in bud and often support the petals when it blooms. The sepal is collectively referred to as calyx, the outer part of whorl that forms the flower.

PETALS are altered leaves that surround the reproductive part of flowers. It is the most conspicuous colors or remarkably shaped to attract pollinators. It is collectively referred to as corolla. Another set of sepals that collectively form the calyx is usually supplemented with petals below the corolla. In conjunction, the calyx and corolla form perianth.

STAMEN is the male reproductive organ of a flower, consisting of filament and anther at the upper part. The opening of the anther releases pollen.

PISTIL is the female reproductive organ of a flower. It is the innermost part of the flower. It consists of the ovary, stigma.


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