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Flowers. During the year earth give us one of the most beautiful gifts. Different kind of flowers on the four seasons, from carnations, daisies, lilies, calla lilies, sunflowers, tropical flowers, like bird of paradise, ginger flowers, monstera leaves, beautiful anthuriums, and here one of the flowers more exotic and elegant; orchids in all its kind.

From South Mexico, Usa, Canada, in North America, to South America and central America and Europe for some of the exquisite flowers, anywhere on earth we have flowers to see the wonderful world God gave us. Because when I see all these marvelous creations, I cannot avoid thinking that there is something super powerful and creative beyond the ridiculous theories about how this earth came to exist.

When we put some roses on our dining room or on our desk office we can see and feel and smell a different atmosphere and people even change humor and attitude, I am sure you have experienced something similar, is almost like contemplate an artwork or a sunshine, I would say all these things are the greatest gifts we have on earth.

Have you given flowers to a friend or your wife or girlfriend? What was their reaction and how you feel about it? Even when we give flowers, we feel fine and happy.

Flowers also look beautiful in our garden or in a pot at home and flowers give an astonish feeling, and people even stand in from a home with beautiful flowers.

Whatever I can say about flowers could not be fair enough for such wonderful gift God give us every day and everywhere in the world.

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