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Halloween Flowers for Spooky Arrangements

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to get as creative as you want with your décor. While skeletons, pumpkins, and cobwebs are the essentials in Halloween décor, some unique flower arrangements can add a touch of eerie elegance to the spooky celebrations. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or simply want to decorate your home, here is a list of flowers perfect for spooky arrangements—and the best part is that you can find all of these at our flower shop in Dallas!

Red Dahlias

The rich, velvety petals and deep colors of red dahlias serve as the perfect choice for Halloween arrangements. Their blood-red color creates a sense of gothic romance and can be used to create mystical centerpieces and bouquets. You can also combine them with black foliage for an extra eerie effect.

Dark Carnations

Carnations come in various colors, including dark hues of deep purples, dark reds, and blacks. You can use them for intricate and spooky arrangements, ideal for filling out wreaths and bouquets. You can also use them for decorating candlelit pumpkins.

Dark Calla Lilies

While calla lilies are known for their sophistication, the darker ones, like purple and black calla lilies, work well with Halloween arrangements. You can pair them with other darker accents in your décor or place them in tall vases for a dramatic look.

Black Roses

Black roses symbolize mystery and macabre, making them ideal for Halloween. Their dark petals bring a sense of intrigue to your décor and work perfectly as accents in garlands and wreaths. You can also use them as bouquets and table centerpieces to add an eerie yet elegant touch.

Dark Orchids

Orchids are some of the most versatile flowers that can be used for all kinds of events, thanks to their exotic beauty and diverse color range. You can use dark-colored orchids like burgundies and deep purples to add a sense of allure and enchantment to your décor.

Orange Marigold

Orange marigolds are typically used for the Day of the Dead celebrations as they’re thought to bring the souls of the dead, but you can also add them to your Halloween décor. Their vibrant color complements perfectly with black flowers, creating a bold and colorful centerpiece.

Floral Crowns

Take your Halloween décor to a new level by using floral crowns for pumpkins (or yourself). Choose crowns of dark flowers, such as black roses or red dahlias, to create a spooky yet fun appearance of Halloween pumpkins.

Dried Flowers and Branches

While choosing your floral arrangements, don’t forget to add lots of dried flowers and branches. They not only add an eerie effect but elevate your overall Halloween décor. You can incorporate dried elements like dark wheat, twisted branches, dried lavender, or roses into your arrangements for a rustic setting.

With these Halloween floral arrangements, you can create other wordly arrangements that capture the essence of the season while adding an elegant and enchanting touch to your festivities. At Estrella’s Flower Shop, we offer a wide range of flowers for every occasion and event. We also offer flower delivery service in Dallas or you can shop local flowers directly from the store. Contact us for more details.

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