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Introduction to Roses

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers. It is referred to as ‘Queen of Flowers’ and enjoyed for several thousand years. Its cultivation started back during the Roman and Greek times. Since then, there are different varieties grown across the globe. They are considered to be the descendants of ancient garden plants located in Turkey, Persia and China. The rose world is rather diverse and varied. Wild roses can be found in almost every part of the world, along rivers and coastlines, forests and high mountain elevations. These days, you can find them at the local flower shop ready to be purchased and gifted to your beloved one.

The Rosaceae Family

True roses are considered to be part of the genus Rosa family, considered to be a subset of Rosaceae, a much larger family. Several edible and blooming plants belong to the Rose family, like:

• Himalayan blackberry, Laurel, Photinia

• Spirea

• Serviceberry

• Potentilla

• Pyracantha

• Cotoneaster

• Raspberries, strawberries

• Hawthorn

• Fruit trees like Plum, Peach, Cherry, Pear and Apple

If provided with the right home, they can live for decades and are durable, tough shrubs. You can come across portals offering rose Flower delivery for all occasions.


You can come across different colored roses with each color having special meaning. Red rose is considered to be the symbol of love, orange with enthusiasm, yellow of friendship, pink with job and white with purity. They have prickles that appear like hooks to facilitate bonding with other plants, especially in the climber type rose. It safeguards the stem from herbivores.

What type of weather is best for rose cultivation?

Roses grow best in place with temperatures ranging between 15 and 28 degrees Celsius. An essential growth factor is the presence of light. However, its growth gets delayed by day length, combined with mist/cloudy, overcast conditions. The reputed florist can offer a variety of good quality roses.

What type of soil is ideal rose cultivation?

Loam is the ideal soil to cultivate roses. Loam contains fifty percent air and water, while the other fifty percent comprises organic material, silt clay and sand.

What soil depth is required to facilitate proper growth?

For the roots to penetrate properly, you need to dig a hole of about 16” deep by 16” wide with a spade.

Can poor soil facilitate rose cultivation?

You can cultivate Alba roses having greyer foliage in poor soil. Another group that thrives well in low-quality, sandy soil is a Japanese species named Rugosa roses.

Do roses require plenty of water?

The amount of water required by roses depends on the surrounding growing plants, soil and temperature of the place. Weekly watering of the plants will suffice in temperate climates. 2” water (approximately 4-5 gallons) will be essential for better growth. In case the garden is windy, dry or hot, or if it is sandy soil, then frequent watering is essential.

Can roses thrive in full sun?

Roses do grow well in direct sunlight. To derive better results, experts recommend direct sunlight of at least four hours. They can even grow under a shade. The well-established Flower delivery portal will make sure that roses are delivered to the clients in fresh condition.

Where to grow the rose plant in the garden?

A sheltered spot will be preferable in full sun to grow well. However, a few varieties also exist for shade. In case you plan to grow multiple roses, then you should plan them diagonally and not in straight lines. Do remember to leave 45 cm space between each bush.

Are rose plants vulnerable to diseases?

The plant is likely to suffer from serious fungal diseases if exposed to high relative humidity conditions. Often, cultivated roses are susceptible to severe damage from arachnid, fungal pests, insects and diseases. Without regular and proper treatment, it may not be possible to grow them fully. It is necessary to control the problems right from the beginning to ensure better growth. The well-known florist is sure to provide rose flowers that are in top fresh conditions.

Where are roses grown more in the world?

Most rose species are cited to be native to Asia. However, they are grown in smaller numbers in North America, Europe and Northwestern Africa. Hybrids, cultivars and species are grown widely for their rich fragrance and beauty.

What are its uses?

Roses are considered to be ornamental plants well now for their flowers. They are grown both indoors and outdoors. They are also used as commercial-cut flower crops and for commercial perfumery. Some are used for hedging, as landscape plants and for utilitarian purposes like slope stabilization and game cover.

Why roses are considered to be a romantic symbol?

According to western culture, red rose is associated with Greek mythology. The Goddess of Love, Aphrodite is believed to be its creator. Legend states that it was Aphrodite’s tears as well as Adonis, her ill-fated lover’s blood that watered the rose flower.

You can expect an experienced flower shop to provide fresh rose flowers of different varieties and colors.

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