Precious Design.

 Fresh roses, sunflowers a lilly, green leaves beautifully arranged, baby's breath and, some spray roses.

Beautiful flowers design in Dallas, TX with Estrella's flower shop.

 it's about a 1 and half feet tall and about 1 fee wide.

If you want to send flowers that create a great impression on your love ones send this great fresh flowers.

Basically it's a simple floral arrangement with some roses and sunflowers but the design even when is easy it's what makes the trick.

 If you want we can change color of roses, usually we have, red, yellow, white, orange, pink, blue, purple and more, let us know if you want a different color, you can send a message at the check out process when you see the option that say: "note to the seller".

 We recommend you to place order over the website because that way you keep all the order details in your email, and you do not have to share your credit card information over the website.

Order flowers online it's very easy in just 2 steps, 1 is choose your flowers and take them to the cart and go to check out process, add the recipient information and second step is just to add you billing information, that is where you share your credit card address and zip code and all the details.

Precious Design

  • When checking out.

    1."Shipping information" section is where you enter the recipient information. (Name and address of the person who will receive your gift).

    Shipping information stands for the person who will receive the flowers. (In that section only e-mail is yours the sender)

    2. "Billing address" section: Stands for the address associate to the credit card use for payment.

    Make sure to use the correct billing address on this section so you transaction is good . Usually the addres where you live.



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